Retreat Bar Soap by LAFCO New York

matcha | clary sage | palo santo

Artisanally crafted from olive and argan oils, our ultra-rich bar soap cleanses with a creamy lather leaving your skin moisturized and finely fragranced with our purifying wellness scent. Green tea infused with mint and ginger creates enlightened freshness while warming clary sage entwines with sacred palo santo wood to inspire a blissful mood. 200g

Added Benefits

  • Benefit Perk <div class='title'>Cruelty-Free</div><span>not tested on animals</span>
    not tested on animals
  • Benefit Perk <div class='title'>Sustainable</div><span>palm oil free formula, 97% plant-based</span>
    palm oil free formula, 97% plant-based
  • Benefit Perk <div class='title'>Hypoallergenic</div><span>for all skin types and great for shaving</span>
    for all skin types and great for shaving
  • Benefit Perk <div class='title'>Synthetic-Free</div><span>no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetics or preservatives</span>
    no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, synthetics or preservatives