Monogram Guide


  A monogram consists of two or more letters, typically a persons initials combined to make a decorative design. 

Adding  a monogram is the perfect way to make any item more personal, unique and thoughtful. We offer many different monogramming options, so you can make your gift truly personal, whether that gift is for you or someone special.  See our guide below to help you create something special and unique.   


Here we will show how a name would appear in a monogram in different circumstances.    

For a single woman:

Tradition states that a woman's monogram is presented in the first, last, middle initial order.  As you see on the monogram below for Elizabeth Margaret Smith.                         

 monogram guide example

For a married woman:

Now married the bride has a few options for her monogram.  She may use her first name, married last name, maiden name or it is also acceptable to use her middle initial if she prefers.  We will show in our example that Elizabeth is now married to Kevin Johnson.  First we show Elizabeth using her maiden name now in the place of her middle initial.  As you see the S from Smith (maiden name) replaces the middle initial M of her name.  This is the most traditional and common way a married women does her monogram. 

monogram guide example

Next is Elizabeth continuing to use her middle initial with her married last name in her monogram.  Elizabeth Margaret Johnson. This is also completely acceptable to use.  Some letters may not look as good as other and using your middle name may be more aesthetically pleasing to you.  

monogram guide example


Now lets see the couples monogram. The monogram will contain the bride's first initial, the surname of the couple and the groom's first initial, in that order.  Let look at Elizabeth and Kevin Johnson.  

monogram guide example

Next let's take a look at monogramming for men.   Many people prefer mens monograms in the order of first, middle and last order.  This monogram is all one height unlike the monograms above.  This letter format is found in many monogrammed items for men such as dopp kits, duffels, briefcases, cuffs etc.. 
Here is what Kevin Robert Johnson's monogram would look like using our William option. 
monogram guide example
Here is another fun way to monogram for a man.  This is our Henry option. 
monogram guide example
As always it is perfectly fine to place a man's monogram in first, last, middle order.  This again is personal preference. 
Finally we will look at children's monograms.  Children's monograms follow the traditional first, last, middle order or using the same height monogram we showed above for men is another great way to personalize a boys item.  Also keep in mind how the child will be using this.  You may not want to put too much information on something a child will have in a public place.  For instance a travel bag the child may use in an airport or public place, using a three letter monogram over a name may be preferred.