Fue De Bois Hand Cream - 12oz

sandalwood | leather accord | frankincense

LAFCO New York reparative hand cream is rich in plant extracts to restore and repair dry skin. Soothing and luxuriously fragranced with our renowned incense fragrance. Fresh pine falls on curls of sandalwood and rare Virginia cedarwood. Smoky leather accords blend with frankincense to create this intoxicating scent. Made in Italy.

  • <div class='title'>Cruelty-Free</div><span>not tested on animals</span>
    not tested on animals
  • <div class='title'>Hypoallergenic</div><span>formulated for all-over-use and all skin types</span>
    formulated for all-over-use and all skin types
  • <div class='title'>Synthetic-Free Formula</div><span>no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetics</span>
    Synthetic-Free Formula
    no parabens, phthalates, sulfates or synthetics
  • <div class='title'>Plant-Based</div><span>97% plant derived formula</span>
    97% plant derived formula