Dry Brush with Sisal Hair

Brush your way to smoother, healthier skin with our Dry Body Brush. Crafted from natural beechwood, cotton, and sisal fibers, this brush is a luxurious addition to your shower routine. 

The Dry Body Brush effortlessly and gently sweeps away dead skin cells while working its magic to boost circulation and help your body eliminate toxins. The result? Refreshed, rejuvenated, and toned skin that radiates a healthy glow.

Use on dry skin before a bath or shower. Starting at your feet, gently brush your skin upward toward your heart. Use firm, small strokes or circular motions. 

Apply light pressure on delicate skin and deeper pressure on thicker skin, such as the soles of your feet, to deeply exfoliate and help promote smoother skin. Do not use the brush on your face.

Dry brush daily or 2-3 times per week, depending on your preference and level of sensitivity.