Crystal Clear Head-to-Toe Cleansing Soap

Raise the bar on your healthy shower routine with this total body cleansing bar designed to give you a feel-good clean from head to toe! This dermatologist-tested soap is made with 100% vegan, pH-balancing, and microbiome-friendly ingredients that will leave your skin and hair feeling nourished and refreshed. Plus, our soap is fragrance-free and dye-free, making it the perfect choice for all hair and skin types, even those with sensitive skin. 

This all-over cleansing bar gently washes away impurities while delivering a nourishing blend of 17 amino acids and 7 hyaluronic acids to repair and hydrate your skin and hair. Powerful green tea extract and vitamin B5 also help to detoxify skin and reduce acne or acne-related blemishes, resulting in crystal clear skin! From washing hair to cleansing feet, you can feel confident that you’re getting a clean and conscious solution that will make you feel like your best self.

One soap, endless benefits! Cleanse, nourish, and refresh your hair, face, and body with VOESH's Crystal Clear Head-To-Toe Cleansing Soap. Elevate your clean and transform your shower experience today!

How to use:

In the shower, work the soap into a nice lather to cleanse your body from head to toe. Massage it into your skin in circular motions for a gentle, yet effective cleanse. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Store soap in a dry place, such as our All Natural Loofah Soap Dish.