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Cooling Therapy Knee High Socks - Intensive Cooling Leg Mask

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Kick back and relax with this intensive cooling therapy knee high socks infused with tea tree, mint and cica leaf extracts. These tingly, cooling leg masks give instant relief to tired legs and feet! Ready to experience an ice massage without the ice? Treat your tired gams to our Cooling Therapy Knee High Socks that deliver cooling, tingly, invigorating relief. Cica leaf soothes and moisturizes while our 3+ mint & tea tree blend leaves your legs feeling hydrated and minty fresh. It is long-lasting comfort with a refreshing kick.   Fits up to 11" (279mm) foot & 16" (400mm) calf.

Perfect For:

  • After standing for long periods
  • Nourishing & soothing your legs
  • With removable toe-tips for at-home pedis


Step 1: Carefully remove the socks from the package.
Step 2: Put socks on clean, dry feet and affix with attached stickers for a perfect fit.
Step 3: Wear for 10-15 minutes and enjoy an immediate cooling sensation.
Step 4: Tear off toe tips along the pre-cut lines. Wipe off excess lotion from toenails with alcohol or acetone. Paint the nails with the color of your choice.
Step 5: Remove socks and dispose. Massage excess lotion into feet and lower legs. No rinsing needed.