Apple: Recipes from the Orchard

Who doesn’t love Apples? Grown, harvested and eaten for centuries, apples play an important role in everyday life and are enjoyed in a huge variety of ways. Author James Rich hails from apple-growing country in Somerset, England, where his family own a cider farm. Apples, it could be said, are in his blood!

Apple: recipes from the orchard is a collection of almost 100 of James’ most-loved recipes celebrating his heritage and the abundance of food available from in and around a quintessential English apple orchard.

Try your hand at a summery crunchy apple, cherry and kale salad, a comforting slow-roasted cider and pork stew, and the ultimate apple crumble, all washed down with a mulled cider or apple and thyme cocktail. James uses whole apples as well as cider, apple juice, cider brandy and cider vinegar to add depth to his dishes all set to the backdrop of his family's stunning orchards, Apple: recipes from the orchard is a celebration of this humble fruit.