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Blue and White Holidays Multipurpose Kitchen Cloth - 3 designs available

Made from 70% Cellulose (Wood Pulp) 30% Cotton and is the perfect alternative to sponges and paper towels you will love this kitchen cloth workhorse.  The Blue and white everyday clothes are one of our bestsellers, and now you can have the holiday edition. 

  • These kitchen cloths are wonderfully absorbent. They last forever and are so durable. In fact, they actually can absorb up to 18 times their weight. Amazing!
  • No need to use a smelly sponge anymore. These versatile cloths are now your go-to cleaner for l your kitchen cleaning uses from dishes, to stovetops and tabletops. And in your bathroom, you will find them perfect for cleaning counters, shower doors, mirrors, and windows!
  • What is really helpful for the environment is that these are biodegradable.